The Best time of year

Fall at Gillen pond
Fall at Gillen pond

Yes, I think this is one of the best times of the year. As the weather gets cooler, the leaves change colors, the ground is crisp, the air feels fresh. We start to prepare for winter, we slowly think of indoor projects, and slowly leave the outside to the cold winter months. Before that, we bask in the fresh cool autumn air, with apple picking, hayrides, soccer games, raking , yard work , pumpkin carving and long walks before the cold sets in.

We like to pack the kids up at this time of the year and head out to the Berkshires, let the kids run around, enjoy the weather, the changing colors, and yes apple cider donuts. Getting out picking apples, or finding your pumpkin, what a great weekend! We are all ready to go, and looking forward to enjoying time away from the everyday tasks, relaxing with hot cider, a good book, and yes a few board games, with the kids running around.

But a magical thing happens up here, the kids hang out, fish, walk, just play, we leave the TV,phones and computer games at home and when the night time comes around they are passionately load over a game of Qwirkle or hangman, and then it happens, we sit now with a glass a of wine, and silence falls upon the house. Something happens, fresh air, good food , family,  we relax and we all sleep much better, sounder, like babies, and yes the kids are asleep by 10-10;30.

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